The ICMM has as its brief to issue and administer all mining related permits and licences, to carry out technical supervision of mining and plant installations and to implement legal, safety and health regulations at the working sites. In order to advise investors, the ICMM carries out geological resource estimations, advises investors on potential areas of interest and provides service orientated information on any relevant items of interest in the mining world.

The ICMM mission is the efficient, safe and sustainable development of Kosovo’s resources, and to do this must consider following aspects:

  • Ensuring the optimal usage of resources and collection of revenues in order to protect the interests of the country’s population and provide for economic development – mining plans must be set up and adhered to within the framework of legal requirements.
  • Set up a geo-information structure in order to provide for immediate, world-wide transparent information flow to enable on-the-spot decision making.
  • Observe market forces and adapt to changing trends to ensure that projects are developed as the market dictates. Redundant projects must be shelved until they become viable.
  • Coordinate with other institutions to ensure that priorities are observed and that forward planning is implemented for the best development of the country’s resources. Ensure that other institutions do not cut off mining reserves by construction of services over existing deposits.